Where to find free Asana alternative

Where to find free Asana alternative

Before we start talking about free service of this phenomena, we should clarify what Asana is.  It appeared at the end of the last century and became one of the most popular freemium project management. Asana offers you a clean interface, and it is more than easy and simple to use. It is integrated with other online services. It is simple to use and even more simple to download. All you need to do transfer yourself from chaos to clarity is to sign in and see how your project is developing thanks to scheduling and good organization.

Asana on your Android and iOS mobile applications

The easiest day to plan your day and organize your activities is to install Asana on your mobile device. You can share your ideas with your crew and hear what they have to say and to suggest. This way you will be able to update and inform your team about your future steps. You can see their opinion and accept the proposition or reject it and continue with your further research.

On Android and iOS

What are you waiting for?! Download it and start playing. If you are concern about the speed, you should read iOS or Android Quick Start Guide. You will realize how this can make your life easier, especially if you travel a lot. For “travelers” it is hard to stay in touch with and follow everything that is happening inside of your team if you are not in direct contact with them. Asana is the best solution for this type of businessmen, and it will help you to monitor everything that is happening while you are absent.

Smart inbox option

Like in any other business sometimes we should separate parts of our team. The same is with information. You don’t want to spam your employees with unwanted messages and unnecessary information. That’s why we offer you an option smarter inbox that will help you to apply only updates that you need and to filtrate them from spams and unwanted messages.

Customize your tasks

The same thing is with your tasks. We offer you an option to customize them and to use only fields to track things that are important to you. All you need to do is to choose Asana Premium, and you will receive this type of service. The good news is that there is no charge for this additional service.